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The following are links to other fanlistings you may also join as they are somehow related to the Blues. If you would like to affiliate your fanlisting with us, then please email me at

Genres: Acoustic, Genres: American Folk, Genres: Jazz, Instruments: Guitars, Instruments: Guitars: Acoustic, Instruments: Guitars: Bass, Instruments: Harmonicas, Miscellaneous: 1960s, the, Miscellaneous: Culture(s), Miscellaneous: History, Miscellaneous: Honesty, Miscellaneous: Poetry, Music, Music: Guitar solos, Music: Vinyl records, Musicians: All bands, Musicians: All singer/songwriters, Musicians: Baez, Joan, Musicians: Band, the, Musicians: Buffalo Springfield, Musicians: Costello, Elvis, Musicians: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Musicians: Donovan, Musicians: Dylan, Bob, Musicians: Grateful Dead, the, Musicians: Guthrie, Arlo, Musicians: Guthrie, Woody, Musicians: Jefferson Airplane, Musicians: Lennon, John, Musicians: Morrison, Jim, Musicians: Rolling Stones, the, Musicians: Sainte-Marie, Buffy, Musicians: Seeger, Pete, Musicians: Simon & Garfunkel, Musicians: Springsteen, Bruce, Musicians: Wonder, Stevie, Musicians: Young, Neil,

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