the blues: sitting on top of the world

Welcome to the only fanlisting listed at TheFanlistings.Org for a beautifully eloquent and honest art form, entrenched in history and that flows within a continuous, and deceptively simple, musical technique - it can only be for the shaking, aching, groaning, jumping, revealing, weeping and relieving Bluuuues.

What is a "fanlisting"? Well, it is simply a site that aims to unite fans from all across the world of a particular subject, by creating an online "list" of "fans" for that subject. This is in accordance with the popularised idea found at the original online fanlisting headquarters, TheFanlistings.Org.

Why did I build this fanlisting for the Blues? Well, to me, the Blues isn't just a music genre. It is an emotional state: a wholly human art form and a path to self-awareness. It is a complete lifestyle in itself that defies time and place, and can exist in all of us. I also feel that the Blues isn't just a time of depression: it can act as the simplest and yet the most precise musical weapon that a musician uses to channel his most humane realities, and relieve his Blues into a state of eloquent joy. There is something ethereal and yet so human to be discovered in the quiet intensity and dark elegance of Blues music, and since every Blues musician has a story to tell, my ears and eyes and heart and soul are always open for the Blues.

And if you are also a fan of the Blues, why not join the fanlisting, and become part of a growing list of Blues fans? :) Site navigation can be found above on the main image, and as text at the very bottom of the page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me - and thanks for visiting!

Site information and updates

This site, and all the rendered graphics, have been created by me, Raine, and is hosted at my website, RevolutionBlues.Org. It is also listed at TheFanlistings.Org, the original base of fanlistings. This site makes no profit, nor is it a newsletter or official service: it simply aims to list fans of beautiful the Blues.

Opened: 8 April 2006; Adopted: 9 March 2008)
Last updated: 25th February 2019
Total listed fans: 63 from 23 countries (0 waiting to be added)
Latest fans added: Tifa

Many many thanks go to Elly for handing this fanlisting over to me - it means the world to me to be able to share my love for the Blues with others! :*)

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